Having an impact on what really matters

Ready to become a Swarm agent?

Our projects are becoming more complex and growing in magnitude.

We are encouraging exceptional talents with

tomorrow's skills and competence, to apply.

Chief Marketing Officer

Stockholm, Oslo, Palo Alto

As our Chief Marketing Officer you shape our strategic global brand direction, growing our solutions portfolio, (SaaS solutions and SWARMA® Talent-on-Demand).

Transformation Agent

Stockholm, Oslo, Palo Alto

You will be an invaluable contribution to our clients when bridging the strategy to execution gap, facilitating our clients and Swarm agents through their transformation..

Junior CFO


As our Junior CFO you are well aware of our business’s current and forecasted developments to recommend course of action and safeguard our development forward.

Junior COO


As our Junior Chief Operating Officer you contribute with structure and efficiency to support our Swarm Partners and our company in growing exponentially.

Creative Graphic Designer

Stockholm, Flexible

You will be an invaluable contribution in shaping our brand journey and visualising our corporate DNA to work seamless across all our media channels...

Social Media Manager Intern

Stockholm, Flexible

We are looking for a Technical Social Media Manager, passionate about getting the message through to our clients, (industry leaders and start-ups) using Analytics, SEO, HubSpot and other tools to analyze impact.