Junior CFO


01. Your Role

As our Junior CFO you shall be aware of our business’s current developments and will be encouraged to recommend course of action such as contributing to product development, models and metrics, empowering our clients to reach their goals. You will contribute to setting a budgetforecast and preparing financial models to predict the economic conditions of the company, tosafeguard our development forward and as foundation, to attract investors.

02. Capabilities

  • Collecting and analyzing Market trends, Industry reports, and various data.
  • Reviewing research and secondary documents to deliver presentations.
  • Creating Financial- and Marketing models in PowerPoint presentations.
  • Show proficiency with spreadsheets, relational database and statistical and graphics packages in order to develop recommendations for CEO and Senior management andevelop detailed presentations and financial reports.
  • Making reports such as forecasting cost, benefit analysis, trending and result analysis.
  • Documenting the Financial directions, business processes and structure of the business.
  • Dealing with Decision support, syndicate Bench marking, and Strategy research and technology investment valuation.
  • Being a Team player to ensure delivery is done within deadlines.
  • Reviewing documents and collaborating information for the business.
  • Collecting and documenting receipts, and other more simple, and sometimes repetitive tasks will also be required for this role.

03. Conditions

  • Languages: English fluently, Swedish fluently
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Reporting: Directly to the CEO
  • Hours: 10 hours work per week the first month. A review of performance and way forward will take place thereafter.
  • Performance based results will be reviewed and create opportunities for further training and educational programs, to advance the career as a Junior CFO.
  • Bonus system: For engagement in client projects there will be opportunities for receiving performance related bonuses.
  • Multiple career opportunities and advancement, as the company expands into new countries.

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