Applying a digital-first

publication approach

Measuring customer-centric experiences

Investing in smart data insights

There is an urge for larger industry publishers to disrupt status quo in their approach to utilising traditional data sources.

Investing in smart data insights enables a new level of decision-making powered by data collected across Books, Publishers and Genre.

Empowering in applying a Digital-first publication approach

Creative experimentation is a must if you’re planning to stay ahead of the curve.

Digital-first publications have more freedom to push the limits with new customer-centric experiences, leaning on Mobile apps and Big data to reach and entice audiences with targeted content selections.


Valuable data insights for better decision-making

What data insights can back up strategic and operational decisions in publishing? Is it relevant, updated and accessible in real-time?

Evaluating re-publishing strategies

Educational publishers can access data insights supporting a re-publishing decision. Eg. will additional chapters increase value or become less attractive?

Independent authors evaluation

What data backs up the decision when trade publishers makes an offer on independent authors of new science fiction novels?

Pricing backed by smart data

What data is collected to make more calculated decisions on price premium strategies?

Re-packaging series into

audiobook versions

Data can empower Independent publishers when considering making an existing series into audiobook versions.

Should it be sold as serialised content, or traditional audiobooks for each title?


Artificial Intelligence, machine learning,

algorithms and data analysis

Applying Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, algorithms and data analysis to

predict content marketability, improve discovery and drive sales for publishers.

Empowering the evaluation process

Do you use attention-grabbing content packages to make readers care about certain topics?

Has the content you post been triggered by the interests of your readers?

How do you qualify which stories are optimized for certain media and geography, eg. running a Facebook marketing campaign in Germany? 

How would you compare three learning books for children to evaluate which one is  most likely to win popularity and hit sales targets, (given all books are priced equally)?

Digital publishing 2019

Statistics below are received from the Association for Online Publishing (AOP) and

Deloitte Quarterly Digital Publishers Revenue Index. The survey is based on the responses from

21 UK digital publishers, including 15 B2C and 6 B2B companies.


multi-platform revenues rose

by 20%, reflecting responses to changing consumer behaviors


increase in online video

revenue (while subscriptions

increased by 14%)


of the publishers value

the introduction of new products and services as a high priority over the next 12 months

Referral Source Platforms, such as Google News, Flipboard and Instagram, have become more important for digital publishing sites

Google News referral source

Launched directly to over 127 countries in May 2018.

Presenting a customizable flow of news articles from several sources around the same topic, based on interest, location, language…

Flipboard referral source

Flipboards' referral platform has around 145 million users.

Collaborating with thousands of world-class publishers to amplify their content. Rolling out their fourth generation experience for mobile using machine learning blended with editorial features and Influencer input, to organize packaged stories involving the readers passions into Smart Magazines


Attracting diversity to meet with opportunities in publishing

Attracting and nurturing

the very best talents

Shaping Hackathon of diversity team excellence

to spot talent capabilities in action,

co-creating the future of publishing and media.

Attracting and nurturing the

very best talents

Contributing to Managing Publishers imprints in strategically developing and marketing a stable of prominent authors and award-winning books, best sellers and high-profile titles.

Where diversity meets

with opportunity

Collaborating with some of the most foreword writers of our time to Attract, Develop and Launch diverse and promising newcomers evolving into future stars.


Publishing conference highlights 2020

Insights in publishing and media makes our clients

stay ahead of the market

Cannes Lions 2020

"Cannes Lions is the only global event that covers every aspect of how the industry is evolving. There's nothing else that comes even close."

The Cannes Lions Festival is where brands, agencies, media companies and consultancies discover how to unlock maximum impact from creative marketing...

Digital Book World 2020

"Digital Book World is, without question, one of the most important publishing industry conferences on Earth".

The industry leaders, the tech leaders, and the curation of the agenda have turned DBW into a premium, must-attend annual event.

European Publishing Congress 2020

500 editors-in-chief and media managers discuss the future of their industry at the European Publishing Congress 2020 in Vienna.

Extraordinary publishers from all over Europe present their print and online projects on content, strategy and design topics, including The European Publishing Awards.


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