SWARMA® Talent on Demand

Our Swarm agents empower

our clients to innovate

3 reasons industry leaders are hindered to innovate

A lack of vision and relation

to top-management

Management lack access to vision and the Why? Without a purpose to innovate the ability in shaping team excellence, information synergies enabling disrupting status quo in thinking, acting and doing is hindered.

Politics, turf wars, and a lack of alignment is said to hinder innovation according to 55% of respondents being top- and middle management executives.

Struggling to leverage top talent

Business units struggle in accessing tomorrow's skills and competence. The ability to evaluate, allocate, access , onboard and nurture advanced skills and competence, striving in large orqanisations, is challenging.

Leading organisations invest between 5% to 20% in their hiring budget struggling in leveraging their top talent acquisition spending.

Old legacy systems and disconnected environments

Outdated legacy systems often sink the majority of their allocated funds into operations and maintenance, as a direct result of outdated technology.

Hindering cross-vertical knowledge sharing, onboarding and the launch and scale of Proof-of-concepts (POCs). Even with new cloud solutions and systems in place, optimisation is often foreseen, creating duplicate systems and added complexity.


Co-creating tomorrow's solutions today

How SWARMA empowers our clients to innovate, providing

disruptive skills and competence - exactly when you need it.

Access Talent-On-Demand

Allocating, attracting, hiring and keeping top talent with advanced technological skills and competence can be up to 400% more costly than using Talent-On-Demand.

Our Swarm agents provide

the power to innovate

Swarm agents can yield double-digit investment savings by accelerating the transformation process up to 60%, empowering our clients to innovate through their data, releasing new revenue streams and cost-synergies, introducing new applications, services, and approaches to innovate.

SWARMA® global community

Since 2106 we have nurtured our global community of Swarm agents providing our clients with disruptive insights accessible at 50 of the world’s leading entrepreneurial communities, technology companies, universities and institutions.

How SWARMA Talent-On-Demand empowers our clients



SWARMA®’s match-making algorithm is based on Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML) and Deep learning (DL), matching Swarm agents with client projects, based on skills, abilities and personalities.



Providing Swarm agents fit for our clients unique projects. Personality traits, contextual skills and competence is matched with each project, releasing swarm intelligence.


SWARMA® Excellence rigid peer-to-peer review process makes sure our clients

and Swarm agents evaluate a series of qualities during the entire project, enabling personal advancement while meeting with the highest quality standards.


All our projects are delivered with the EVG-model, empowering our clients to leverage their Human-, Techno and Societal capital, achieving Exponential Value Growth.



Through SWARMA® community our clients have access to Swarm agents representing companies globally and more than 50 international top ranked universities and scientific directions.


Initiating, simulating and scaling new business models, creating sand-boxes, Minimum-Viable-Products and Proof-of-concepts with ability to scale.


Ready to transform?

Rapid advances in emerging technologies makes competition fierce and puts pressure on top management to disrupt and innovate.

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