Johanna Green

Chief Disruption Officer, Stockholm

Empower companies to disrupt status quo in thinking, doing and acting, co-creating new business models, revenue streams and cost synergies through linking cross-vertical flows of information and collaboration. Supporting in initiating eco-system partnerships and shaping environments for tomorrow's top talents to strive and for organisations to master transformation - beyond quarterly reports.

About Johanna

Chief Disruption Officer, C-suite Advisor, Moderator and Speaker at Tech/ International conferences. 


Hyper Island

Master in Digital Media Management,

Digital Transformation

BI Norwegian Business School

Exec. Bachelor in Management,

Leadership in Action

Johanna is engaged in client operations in the North of Europe. She is an expert in Competitive intelligence and cross-industry innovation, acting as a Trusted advisor for both large-cap CXO-leaders and young companies leveraging on exponential technologies.

Johanna empower our clients in bridging the strategy to execution gap, providing insights in cross-industry innovation, founded in her vast experience from research in future technologies and their impact on Sales & Marketing, New Market Entry, Employer branding and Top Talent, Management and Operations, across departments and in over thirty industries, across Europe, USA and Asia. 

Her broad understanding in how the digital landscape is interlinked across departments, sectors, industries and borders, enables our clients to frictionless set up Minimum-viable-products and Proof-of-concepts, to test, launch and scale new business models and revenue streams, shaping new operations models and releasing cost-synergies leveraging on digital transformation. 

Johanna is a frequent speaker and moderator at international industry events; and facilitates several cross-industry workshops for CXO-leaders in Sweden, Norway, and USA. 

Examples of her projects:



Sourcing and designing a cross-vertical communication and collaboration system across five countries, through integrating, updating and introducing multiple software applications

Achieved results

Discovering new cost-synergies Increasing employee engagement and effectiveness.

Securing quality assurance and GDPR policies where integrated and followed.


Transforming a London magazine published by the UK’s largest media company, including setting a plan for strategy and execution in how to become digital at heart, across internal processes and distributors.

Achieved results

New revenue streams discovered and accelerated across multiple digital channels, display’s and ads.

Securing quality across the entire value chain, including orders, design, distribution chains and customer service. 


Empowering a large bank in strategy and execution to plan, design and launch a retail program for credit card holders across all customer segments, including private banking.

Achieved results

Strategic partnerships contracted to secure both revenue streams and changing customer behaviour, enabling a successful launch and continuous development of Northern Europe's largest loyalty and incentives program.



Providing thorough research to source young companies leveraging on disruptive technologies providing solutions in green energy and renewables for the oil and gas industry, enabling upgrading of their solutions portfolio towards the consumer market. 

Achieved results

Increased customer interaction and brand awareness expanding the business model into renewables.

Nordic Female Leaders and Hidden Talent

In addition to providing solutions for our clients, Johanna is engaged in Nordic Female Leaders, sharing insights with females across the Nordic about leadership, knowledge sharing and strategic alliances. Additional engagement in Disrupt Synergies corporate social responsibility project, Hidden talent, creating a spark and hunger to learn for children in outside areas of Stockholm.