Empowering industry leaders in

Sustainable Disruption, achieving Exponential Value Growth (EVG®)

Empowering our clients in achieving the UN’s SDG 7

City governments and private organisations in technologically and ecologically advanced nations face significant challenges due to the issues created by urban growth.

Disrupt Synergies empower our clients in sustainable disruption

70% of Global Energy Supply

Our global cities consume about 70% of the global energy supply.

>55% of the global population

Our global cities accommodate >55% of the world population, expected to reach 70% by 2050. (UN 2018).

75% of GHG

Our global cities generate about 75% of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions.

Open Energy system models

Energy transitions are reshaping global, national and local energy systems. Ecosystems of open data energy system models could enable the development of the next generation energy services and technologies.

Is your action plan aligned with the EU Taxonomy regulation?, starting in 2022.

How and to what extent are your business activities aligned with the EU Green deal growth strategy?

No net emissions of greenhouse gases in 2050

On 21 April 2021 The EU Commission adopted The Taxonomy Framework Level 2 legislation, “delegated acts,” defining the technical screening criteria for the first two (Climate change mitigation and Adaptation) out of the total of 6 environmental objectives.

Turning Big Data into Smart Data driving sustainability

Empowering our clients in exploring opportunities and threats through conducting data-intensive work across complex eco-systems of multiple channel-, and affiliate-partners.

Applying a Green Strategy and implementing Execution

Empowering our clients in establishing growth strategies aligned with the environmental objectives in The EU Taxonomy regulation.


Applying a long-term policy approach to renewable energy and the decarbonisation of the energy system inspire confidence in investors and project developers.

Explore opportunities using Energy Data Analytics enabling Real-time Responses to Market Changes.

The EVG® Methodology

Applying the EVG Methodology enabling our clients in innovating across the entire eco-system of actors that spans across industrial-, geographical-, and intersectoral- boarders (e.g. energy, agriculture, forestry), enabling exchanges of fundamental insights contributing to the UN’s SDGs.

Empowering our clients in Sustainable Disruption and Business Model Innovation.

Investing in advanced technologies is not enough.

Powered by SWARMA® Talent on Demand, our clients are enabled to shape and launch sustainable business initiatives driven by entrepreneurial- and data savvy- spirits, empowering our clients to innovate.

We call them Swarm agents.

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